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The Roles of Human Resources, Information Technology, and Marketing Knowledge capabilities in Performance: An Extension of the Resource-Based Theory Perspective

The study was designed as an investigation of whether or not these three capabilities and customer services are linked and to address the question, is customer service performance affected differently by these three capabilities of HR, IT, and MK?
The Resource-Based Theory Perspective
The resource-based theory (RBT) perspective of the firm should include all assets, capabilities, organizational processes, firm attributes, and information.
Based on the RBT perspective, these prior studies contributed insights into the effects of shared knowledge, service climate, human resources, IT resources and capability, marketing-related capabilities, and technology-related capabilities on firm performance, including customer service, IT, operating and market-based objectives, profit, sales, and ROI.
Three Key Resources: Roles of Main Capabilities; Two Control Variables; Exploratory analysis of Interaction Terms.
Sample and Procedure
Control Variables
Development of Measurements
HR capability
IT capability
MK Capability
CRM Performance
Overall Correlations
This result suggests that banks should be aware of marketing relationships, share professional knowledge, and encourage employees to be team players, because when customers use marketing knowledge in their purchase decision, banks can evaluate customer behavior, and respond with further refinements of their product or service. Some advantages exist as firms consider developing MK capability to service customers by the interaction marketing approach with rapid service/response, two-way interaction service relationship, and ability to service their customers from anywhere at any time.
It is necessary for banks to understand the importance of employee response time, of accurate and well in formed response to customer needs. Since HR capability depends upon well trained, highly productive, and skilled employees with professional expertise, their attitudes, appearance and capabilities directly affect customers’ opinions and contribute to customers’ impressions. Thus, CRM performance will be raised when a company attributes value to training and development in order to enhance customer-related interactions
Technology resources and individual business resources were significant predictors of e-commerce performance, whereas human resources did not predict e-commerce performance.
As a contribution to RBT research, therefore, this study has shown a positive significant correlation between HR capabilities and CRM performance.
Most banks spend a large part of their budget to develop their IT-service capability because IT enhances the information system, which integrates the service system between intra organizational operation and marketing communication.
From our results, a significant correlation emerged between IT, MK, and HR capabilities and CRM performance, so that performance was improved with higher capabilities. Other models revealed that all three capabilities were interconnected with positive effects in a three-way interaction. These findings suggest that two- and three-way interactions enhance performance, and should be explored further in the future.


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